The Weather Report is an interactive fiction game where the player is a person living in an abusive relationship. Be aware that this game may be triggering to some people, as it depicts various situations of abusive behaviors such as: gaslighting, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. 

The goal of this game is to help players empathize with sufferers and survivors of abuse and to understand how abuse can build slowly. This game aims to teach the player why some people choose to stay past the point of their physical safety and that no one chooses to be in an abusive relationship . It may also offer friends, family, survivors, and people still in abusive relationships insight into the fact that abuse is more than just a physical act of violence.

The game is structured as three acts that take place over the course of a year. Each act focuses on a seemingly everyday event that could occur to anyone at one time or another, and how an abusive partner can twist that situation to manipulate their victim.

Please play with caution, as The Weather Report may cause emotional distress.

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